And so it begins

This has been a long road, but certainly a fruitful one.  I began the images for the Enchiridion Magistellus well over a year ago, thinking initially that I would be the only end user of the deck of cards.  The idea was simple enough–like most enormous endeavors–to create a visual Book of Shadows that encapsulated what I had learned over the past thirty-three years of occult studies.  However, after several months I realized that the Enchiridion Magistellus might have some appeal to others, and that to that end I would have to begin a book as a companion to the eighty-four images, complete with cited resources, practices, folklore, and the like.  One thing leads to another, and the cards and book now require a website to direct interested folk to where they can be purchased.

The cards are finished at this point, and I will make them available for purchase on the “wares and deliverables” section of this website.  The book portion is in the works, as they say, and bits of this writing, accompanied by the attendant artwork, are featured on this website.

I feel at this moment that this is a calling, a life’s work, and I feel compelled not only to finish the work, but to make it available to those who might desire it.  It is the path that I have taken, and it may serve as a set of signposts to those that follow.  Or not.

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